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Committee members:


Jackie Millan


Lois Anderson


Darren Millan


Maureen Copeland

Youth committee member

Paige Stevenson

Sport representative/
Committee member

Richard Copeland

Committee member

Linda Mooney


Jackie Millan - Chair

Hello, I'm Jackie. I'm married and have a son. We all have Achondroplasia. We would be happy to share our experiences as a family living with short stature. For e.g. share our knowledge of adaptations to our home and car. I am prepared to travel to various parts of Scotland to meet people of restricted growth and their families. Please feel free to contact me should you have any enquiries.

E-Mail: chair@shortstaturescotland.co.uk


Lois Anderson - Vice-chairperson

Hello, I'm Lois and I have achondroplasia. All my family are average height and I only became involved with Short Stature Scotland two years ago having never met with anyone of short stature since I was three years old (too young to remember). I went through leg lengthening when I was 13 and recently underwent spinal surgery due to my dwarfism. I am more than happy to meet with people of short stature and their families wanting to ask about my experiences growing up with Achondroplasia.

E-Mail: vicechair@shortstaturescotland.co.uk


Darren Millan - Treasurer

Hi my name is Darren (Daz) Millan. I'm about 4ft 2" and proud of it! I am currently studying for a Bachelor Degree in Accounting & Finance at the University of Glasgow. I have parents who, like me, have Achondroplasia. I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to other people with dwarfism since an early age and I feel this helped me deal well with concerns I had when I was a teenager.

I am currently the Youth coordinator for Short Stature Scotland, and in this role it is my responsibility to keep in touch with the youth members in SSS and to organise social events for them. So if you have any ideas for possible events or just want a friendly ear to listen I can be contacted via the email address below.


E-Mail: darren@shortstaturescotland.co.uk


Maureen Copeland - Secretary

I am a mother of average height and have a son with achondroplasia. My two daughters are average height. I am prepared to travel to Glasgow and the surrounds

If you want to speak to someone who has experience of raising a child with achondroplasia then please contact me

E-Mail: secretary@shortstaturescotland.co.uk


Paige Stevenson - Youth comittee member


Richard Copeland - Sport representative

Hello, my name is Richard Copeland and I have achondroplasia, my two sisters, Mum and Dad all are of average height. I have been involved with Short Stature Scotland since the start and I have been youth coordinator and I am now the sports contact. I hope to be able to organise sports events that everyone can take part in, families included. So please get in contact if you have a suggestion for any sports event.

E-Mail: sports@shortstaturescotland.co.uk


Linda Mooney - Comittee member

Hi, I'm Linda; my connection with Short Stature Scotland is through my best friend Jackie. We have been friends since we were 11 years old. I am married with two sons, both of average height. My husband, one of our sons and I have a visual impairment. Although I don't have a child with a growth condition, I do understand the difficulties because Jackie and I grew up together. When I don't have my guide dog, Coupar with me, Jackie and I have an understanding, she is my eyes and I am her height when needed.

I am a trained counsellor and at present volunteer for Childline. I would be willing to travel to various parts of Scotland to meet potential members/members, but unfortunately, I would need to know in advance because I work full-time. Please contact me.

E-Mail: linda@shortstaturescotland.co.uk

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